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For Startups

Boost your project to the next level, accelerate your journey to success.

Our investment comes in more than simple monetary means. An investment in your company will bring you decades of business experience from our Angels. In addition to that, access to the broad entrepreneurial network both in Algeria and abroad.

If you are interested in taking a part of our investement process:

For Investors

Membership Benefits:

  • High return on Investment.
  • Self satisfaction of mentoring entrepreneurs and experience sharing.Networking with entrepreneurs and business angels.
  • Enhancing expertise and profit within prefered sectors by leveraging existing start-ups. 

Membership Commitements:

  • Be available for our quarterly meeting with the start-ups.
  • Invest your money, commit and share your expertise.
  • A yearly contribution of 100,000 DZD to the CBA annual membership.